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An eMail from the NEW COMMANDING OFFICER of VMM-364:

Dear Purple Fox Family,

If possible I would like to be added to the records as serving in VMM-364 from 09 August 2018 to present.

Additionally, please extend my heartfelt gratitude for their service and warmest wishes to all members of HMM & VMM-364 this upcoming week at the Pop-A-Smoke reunion.

I regret not being able to make it to Kansas City this year as my wife Moo and I just took over the helm of the squadron August 9th and we have been busy getting snapped into the new job. Moo is enjoying her new found duties as Mama Fox and I am honored to be a Papa Fox in the most iconic squadron in Marine Corps history.

The men and women of 364 are getting into full on preparations over the next several months as we ready ourselves to deploy in April 2019 for the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force, Crisis Response, Central Command (SPMAGTF-CR-CC) 19.2 in support of combat operations for Operation INHERENT RESOLVE.

I had the pleasure of celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Ted Williams’ birth recently and gave his daughter Claudia a baseball signed by the Purple Foxes upon the occasion. She was grateful and honored to receive a piece of the Purple Foxes memorabilia in honor of her dad, a WWII and Korea Marine Pilot as many of you would recall.

The Purple Foxes also did a Warrior Night in the field together at San Onofre aboard Camp Pendleton recently and it was well received as Marines had chow in the field for dinner and breakfast and slept under the stars in our bivouac sacks as a squadron.

As a tribute to our legacy, Staff Non-Commissioned Officers read to our junior Marines some of the Vietnam era chronicles of your heroic efforts by fireside light from Marine Corps archives under the tutelage of our Squadron Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major Albert Martinez (Purple Heart recipient and combat meritorious Sergeant at the Second Battle of Fallujah) in this particular field event. The roar from the Marines’ response was hair raising and piercing in the night air.

Motivation is high and the Marines are being given clear reminders as we groom for battle of who they are, where they come from, and what is expected of them as a Purple Fox.

From all of your brothers and sisters at the hangar I wish you all health and happiness.
If you are ever in the area, please do stop by. Coffee is on the stove and we’ll keep the light on.

Give A Shit! and Semper Fi!

Humbly Yours,

LtCol Bill “Sticks” Walker USMC
CO VMM-364
The World Famous Purple Foxes

Seeking contact and/or disposition information of:

  • My name is Chris Williamson, and I am a Vietnam case analyst with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in Washington DC.

    Among the cases I am responsible for reviewing and investigating is the loss of Cpl John Thomas Corle on 8 Dec 65, off the coast of what was then Quang Tin Province, somewhere between Hoi An and Tam Ky.

    I am trying to resolve some questions regarding a) whether his helo went down due to small arms or engine failure, and 2) where this occurred at, as there are two different sets of coordinates in the early reporting, and an estimate of their proximity to Tam Ky before the crash would possibly put them even further south. I'm hoping to find someone from one of the three helicopter crews who could answer a few questions.

    Based on your website and some other sources, I know two of Corle's crew (Glenn and Gleason) have since passed away, but I'm hoping you might have contact info for any of the following: then 1stLt Kenneth Gross, 1stLt Lenny Melancon, Capt James E Givan, or 2ndLt William Holmes.

    If you have contact with any of them, or someone who might, please feel free to provide them my work contact information below.

    Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.
    M. Christopher Williamson
    Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
    Research Support Team/Southeast Asia
    Comm: 703-699-1245

Please let me know if you have any information or contact with the above person(s): SLJNCO.
From time to time I get asked for information about particular persons. I will always verify with the person whose information is being asked for, if it is okay to forward their contact info on to the requesting party first.
NOTICE: This is NOT a guaranteed service of the site, and is only facilitated based on the freetime of the volunteer staff (of one).
Items will normally stay posted for approximately 6 months.

DD-214s are NOW Online.

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following website for veterans to gain access to their DD-214s online: or try
This may be particularly helpful when a veteran needs a copy of his DD-214 for employment purposes. NPRC is working to make it easier for veterans with computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their military files.
Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents. Other individuals with a need for documents must still complete the Standard Form 180, which can be downloaded from the online web site.
Because the requester will be asked to supply all information essential for NPRC to process the request, delays that normally occur when NPRC has to ask veterans for additional information will be minimized. The new web-based application was designed to provide better service on these requests by eliminating the records centers mailroom and processing time. Please pass this information on to former military personnel you may know and their dependents.

An Open Letter to a small group of squadron members:

Some things have been said that are not true. They have been said in a slanderous and mean-spirited way. I refer to emails going back and forth among some of our website squaron members.

The website has a webmaster that was chosen for many reasons not necessarily shared among the squadron members when he was chosen, But it was discussed many times at reunion meetings and on email to members that when Dave Magee was looking for a replacement we welcomed anyone with the experience to run a complicated website, with complicated files to come forward and volunteer. We wanted someone young enough to take it over and take into the next generation of Foxes. We found that man in Dave Holton. At the time we realized that Dave H. was working full time in a demanding job and we also realized that it would be a while before he reached his retirement age. Remember up until this point both Fank, Gail, and Dave Magee had devoted literally full time to the project and spent beaucoup dollars out of their own pockets to run the site.

There were no Purple Fox dollars transferred to Dave Magee from Frank Gulledge. Zero dollars! To run the site.

The Hill 881 Check was from the Forrest W. Leasure estate in the name of his brother Delbert L. Leasure, and was initially was refused by Dave Magee. He did not wish to be responsible for that money. He had many discussions with Gail and an attorney about how to handle it. (Dave and Gail can elaborate here).

We are so upset that this money issue that Walt keeps bringing up continues to be an issue.

Dave Holton is doing a good job on the website within the scope laid out to him at the beginning. He does not need to be talked about on emails or at squadron reunion meetings the way he has. This needs to stop. It appears from our standpoint that some sort of a mutiny from a small group of people to destroy his reputation and Dave Magee's is going on , and it should stop.

Pat Kenny, Dave Magee, Gail Gulledge, and David Holton


  • Squadron Members we are aware of that need you encouragement and prayers or positive thoughts and energy. If you have an update please let us know. (FYI: we cannot and will not post any medical diagnosis, nor actual room number or direct contact information. This violates VHA privacy policy, and we are going to honor their code in this instance. IF you would like to be a conduit of information for those listed, I will list your email address if you would like me to.)
    • Jack Pipa: Had surgery on 8 Aug at Mobile Infirmary Hostpital. No word on his condition.
    • Pat Kenny.
    • Pat Donovan: (from his daughter Eileen: "I'm happy to report that my dad is home and in excellent spirits. He is well down the road to recovery and will continue with physical therapy to gain further strength." S/F, Eileen
    • let me know who else should be listed.
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:


Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • BROOKS, RICHARD C. SGT 67-69 added 24 August 2018

UPDATES for March - May 2018

  • from Alan Robillard: "It has come to my attention that John Harris was inducted into the Golden Eagles. I’m not sure of when that happened, but it is noteworthy enough for a blurb on the website. We from 364 should be particularly proud since the Golden Eagles are a pretty damn selective group and its membership reads like The Who’s Who of Naval Aviation. Interestingly, there is not an abundance of helo drivers as members, but there are four from HMM 364 alone ...Brady, Cunningham, Donovan and now Harris." John Harris' Page.
    LtCol John Harris Inducted into the Golden Eagles.
  • Added the Marines and Sailors killed on 19 MAY 2003 and 7 FEB 2007 to the KIA page. Updated several of their roster entries with a picture and link to narratives as well as minor corrections to spellings. We do not have our own narrative of the 2003 crash, so the link goes to an external website.
  • I have been doing a ton of old code clean up in the index pages. Stuff you don't see, but it makes it hard to edit when I have to navigate through old acumulated code that is no longer useful.
  • Added SGT Ken Brown to the KIA list.
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • HILL881S - King, James, L/CPL, Weapons Platoon M/3/26 ( Photo 1, Photo 2 ) added 7 MAY 2018
  • HILL881S - Lane, Louis M. Sgt - Rifleman, K/3/26, KIA 9 APRIL 68 added 7 MAY 2018
  • MURPHY, BRIAN HM3 2007 lkinpic fbpic New Icon added 7 MAY 2018
  • JOHNSON, DAVID F. CPL 84-89 New Icon added 7 MAY 2018
  • KREYLING, DAVID B. SGT 67-71 New Icon added 7 MAY 2018
  • McDANIEL, DYLAN A. M. LCPL 2015-PRESENT New Icon added 7 MAY 2018

UPDATES for January & February 2018

  • Set up the Pop-a-Smoke online sign up form and "thank you" page for the HMM/VMM-364 activities. HERE.
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for December 2017

  • Dale Johnson identified himself in two photos from the 1969 album pages. Some general information is that he was the avionics guy who did all the work on JV Johnson’s aircraft.
    • Page 19, 3rd photo from the top of page.
    • Page 39, 4th photo from top of page.
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • GIBSON, BRYXTON LCPL 04-05 New Icon added 10 December 2017
  • EASTHAM, BRADLEY SGT 05-08 New Icon added 10 December 2017
  • BOWEN, CHAD "JARHEAD" CPL 97-98 New Icon added 10 December 2017

UPDATES for November 2017

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • HABIBULLAH, ABDOOL SGT 04-06 New Icon added 10 November 2017
  • TRUDO, JOHN L. SGT 70-71 New Icon added 10 November 2017
  • HARRIS, JUSTIN M. SGT 03-07 LinkedIn Acct New Icon added 10 November 2017
  • TIJERINA, ERICK SGT 03-09New Icon added 10 November 2017
  • WEISENBERGER, ARTHUR MICHAEL CPL 02-06 New Icon added 10 November 2017
  • STILSON, BRIAN A. GYSGT 05-07 New Icon added 10 November 2017

UPDATES for October 2017

  • Added to the Research and Health Links page: The Recovery Village Personalized Addiction Treatment. Special link just for vetrans. Not endorsed by or affiliated with
  • I'm Dan Kellum, 1stLt. with Echo 2/1 in Vietnam in 1970-71, and I was good friends with Earl Masaji "Pineapple" Miyamoto who was a Purple Fox pilot in Vietnam in 1970-71, when we were both ECPs at Pendleton and later attended the same C-69 TBS class at Quantico.

    I'm working on a story to put in Leatherneck Magazine about Pineapple. Basically, I'm in need of photos to accompany the story particularly the photos of the crashed Sea Knight in a flooded rice paddy in Feb. 5, 1971.....Pineapple's Sea Knight was shot up by enemy .51 caliber fire and he managed to muscle the aircraft into a pancake landing. At one time I saw several photos I thought were on the Popasmoke website.....I can't seem to find those photos.

    What I'm missing to complete my submission to the magazine is their required 8-10 photos related to Pineapple and his service in Vietnam.

    I would also like to have a photo of "Flyin' Doc" John V. Kickham Jr. who sustained burns in the crash Feb. 5, 1971 attempting to save a ROK medevac patient from Pineapple's burning helicopter. For his efforts Pineapple put Kickham in for the Navy Cross. The Navy Department in its infinite wisdom......downgraded the medal to a Silver Star...go figure.

    I would appreciate anyone who could help me out in locating those photos of Kickham or Pineapple. Note the attachment of Pineapple and me at the C-69 Reunion awhile back at Quantico.
    Semper Fi,
    Dan Kellum
  • "I'd like to contact D.E. Nadal. I was stationed with him in 1968 with HMM162.
    I'd like to tell him somethings before I can't. I wanted to tell Charles Burdick
    some things, but it was too late.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
    John Britt"
  • LINSON, HERBERT W. CPL 63-66 (Narrative) (Photo) TAPS entry 23 October 2017
    • Updated with pictures sent from Warren, some emails, and arragements. entry 26 October 2017
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • Naval Corpsmen. These women and men were crewmates of those lost on Morphine 12. Special thanks to Shannon Dittlinger for this list.
    • DITTLINGER, SHANNON, HMC 07 (Retired 2017 HMCM) New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • LAPALM, JERRY HM1 07 (retired. now working for the VA.) New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • NETHERTON, CLINTON HM3, 07 New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • BERGMAN, JOSHUA HM1 07 (still active duty. Camp LeJeune Naval Hospital) New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • JENKINS (now Salazar), BRANDY HN, 07 New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • KEEFE (now LaBeau), CHRISTINA, HM3, 07 (now working as Acute Dialysis RN) New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • CALUBAQUIB, ARNEL HM2 07 (Now at ASTC, Jacksonville, FL) New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • BLANKENSHIP, JERRY HM2, 07 (now instructor at ASTC in Jacksonville, FL) New Icon added 9 October 2017
    • PHILLIPS, JAMES HM3 07 (Broken service, joined the army, with B Co 19th Special Forces Group training team attending SFAS in May 2017.) New Icon added 9 October 2017
  • Morphine 12 crew updates.
    • RUIZ, MANUAL HM3 06-07 (Photo and Narrative) added to roster 5 October 2017. Linked to existing photo and narrative.
    • MINJARES, GILBERT HM1 07 (Photo and Narrative) added to roster 5 October 2017. Linked to existing photo and narrative.
    • SABA, THOMAS E CPL 02-07-07 (Photo and Narrative) modified 5 October 2017. Linked up roster entry to photo and narrative.

UPDATES for September 2017

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • HILL 881S: Bowman, Michael  LCpl Rifleman, M/3/26 <---Updated Email Address. modified 16 Sept 2017
  • SUTCLIFFE, JOHN "JACK" LCPL 70-71 added 16 September 2017
  • PORTER, NICHOLAS LCPL 14-15 added 16 September 2017
  • DePEW, THOMAS C. SGT 13-16 modified 16 September 2017
  • DINI, RYAN HM2 06-07 added 16 September 2017
  • HEYNS, GREGORY CPL 89-92 added 16 September 2017
  • PORTER, GLEN E. SGT 1970 added 16 September 2017
  • EDGECOMBE, BRYON MGYSGT 2017-Present. VMM-364 Maint Chief added 16 September 2017
  • MATHIAS, HOWARD. W. LCPL 69 (Narrative) modified 16 September 2017

UPDATES for August 2017

  • Paul Souza sent in a correction about the crash of his bird, YK-20, that was caused by an aft rotor blade fracture, not the quill shaft failure. Pictures.
  • Corrected the spelling of Paul Souza's last name on the history page, and all pages in the 1967 photo album.
  • KUKLIS, JOHN R. "JACK THE CAT" CPL 67-68 (Photo) modified 24 August 2017. deceased 2 August 2017
  • ESTRUP, ROBERT W. CAPT ALO/FAC 68-69 (Photo) modified 16 August 2017. deceased 27 June 2017
  • McDONALD, ROSS A. 1STLT 68-69 (Photo) modified 2 August 2017. deceased 1 April 2017
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • (I have a list of names to be added. Stay tuned.)

UPDATES for June - July 2017

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for May 2017

  • Updated links on Oral History page 3 to their new home on Youtube: Ned Dautriel, George Dabrowski, Randy Young, Jim "JC" Taylor, and Phillip Hemming.
  • Updated links on Oral History page 2 to their new home on Youtube: Roy Adams, Charlie Bassett, Kenneth "Tex" Evans, John Beeman, and Jim Smith.
  • Added Hostettler, C. to the 89-00 Crew Chiefs page. He is the only one there. We need more names!
  • Added Harry "Stickman" Cole to the Hill 881S website after approval of the screening committee.
  • LATHAM, DAVID D. PFC 63-64 (Photo) modified 15 May 2017. deceased March 2015
  • SHANNON, MICHAEL J "CASPER" CAPT 85-88 modified 15 May 2017. deceased July 1990
  • VERUS, MARVIN K. SSGT 65-66 (Photo) modified 17 May 2017. deceased March 2016
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for February, March & April 2017

  • Shannon wrote:
    To whom it may concern,

    My name is HMCM(FMF/CAC) Shannon Dittlinger and was assigned with the purple foxes Jan 16 2007 until
    mid march 2007 when they turned over with HMM 161.

    We lost 2 Corpsman on 7 February 2007 when morphine 12 was shot down. I had a friend visit the
    monument at the Marine Corps Museum and was sad to see that those 2 Corpsman were left off. I had
    originally said well perhaps it's because we were Augmented to them and not organic. Then they said
    that CPL Saba was included who was not 364 he was HMM 262 flying with us just for the day to get the
    lay of the landing zones for his squadron. I was confused at that point and could not answer the

    Any help you could provide or guidance on how to correct the oversight would be greatly appreciated.

    Warm regards and never forget
    HMCM Dittlinger

    If you have any information about this or who to contact for more information, please send an email to the SLJNCO.

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • BIANCHI, ANTHONY SGT 01-04 Facebook Icon LinkedIn AcctNew Icon added 9 April 2017
  • CARDAMONE, FRANK A. SGT 69 (Narrative) modified 9 April 2017
  • DIETRICH, ZACHARY CPL 99-04 New Icon added 9 April 2017
  • JAZAN, ERIK SGT 2001-2006 modified 9 April 2017
  • KAUFMAN, CHRIS CPL 92-96New Icon added 9 April 2017
  • MASTIN III, JOHN E. SGT 96-01New Icon added 9 April 2017
  • SCHUBERT, GARY SGT 88-92New Icon added 9 April 2017
  • SOLORZANO, MELVIN E. LCPL 97-02 New Icon added 9 April 2017
  • VAN SICKLE, WILLIAM T. SGT 06-10New Icon added 9 April 2017

UPDATES for January 2017

  • Ross G GUY, SGT 70-71 Passed away 14 January 2017.
    He was so very proud to be a part of Purple Fox, and of serving with the misguided children.
    They are having a memorial service at 1600 at the Elks Lodge in Riverside, CA on 28 January 2017.
    All are welcome to come.
    Guy served with the Foxes at Marble Mountain 70-71.


  • Added two sites to the Research and Health links page
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for November & December 2016


Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

  • Utz, Sean Sgt 2014-Present
  • Janzan, Erik SGT 2001-2006
  • FORBES Jr, George T., CPL 92-96
  • SNYDER, CALEB 1STLT  2015-Present

UPDATES for October 2016

  • “I’d like to thank everyone who sent me supportive messages back in January and February
    regarding my recent stroke. I wasn’t able to respond then, and I don’t want anyone to
    think I didn’t appreciate their concern and sympathy. Thanks so much for thinking about me.
    I want you all to know I truly appreciated being contacted by my old buddies.”

    Semper Fi
    George “Pappy” Taylor

  • From:
    To: George N. Gitcho
    Subject: Jim Stewart

    Cindy and I visited Jim and his daughter, Jane, yesterday in Raleigh, NC. I have copy
    and pasted her email to me for info. I found Jim to look much healthier than my last visit
    with him although he still cannot communicate or feed himself. It was surprising to see him
    recognize Cindy and me (although he seemed to fade in and out) as that was not the case in
    the past . Thought you might want to pass on to the rest of the Foxes.

    Thank you so much for making time to visit with Dad today. It was wonderful to see
    him so happy and engaged with both you and Cindy. I am thankful I am able to witness these
    moments of clarity and to share in Dad’s true happiness. It means more to us both than you
    will ever know. Hope the drive home was smooth and uneventful. Please give our best to all
    of the Purple Foxes. Dad and I thank you for “giving a shit”.

    Much Love,
    Jim and Jane

  • Moved the links from the Johnson MIA story to the update page, and added a link for it to his entry on the KIA page.
  • Chuck Pflughoeft added the 2016 Pop-a-Smoke Reunion pictures.
  • Added J. David Owens' poem, A Purple Fox Story to the Ditties page.
  • Still working on the backend changes. These changes will allow greater control of the changes made to the website over time, so they can be better tracked.
    • Today (15 Oct) a major step was made to convert the version control system from a single, private SVN repository to a decentralized GIT based system.
    • Successfully posted the files under version control to a private repository on Github
    • Still working out how to handle some of the other changes mostly concerning media files.

UPDATES for September 2016

Spent this month working on some changes to the backend structure of the website. Long story short: there were some significant technical challenges to overcome, as well as some steep learning curves to get through. I am still not finished with it, but significant progress was made during the month. Unfortunately, working on the backend takes up time to make changes to the frontend.

UPDATES for August 2016

MIA Vietnam Purple Fox pilot 1st Lt Stanley G. Johnson: FOUND!

Johnson was shot down on 3 DEC 65 in his UH-34D
approximately 30 kilometers west of Tam Ky Town.
Our story of the crash. MIA update of 26 FEB 2000.
Johnson's page on the Vietnam Vetrans Virtual Wall.

REUNION: Pop-a-Smoke 2016 - Jacksonville, FL was 24 - 28 August 2016
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • BROMBACHER, JOSEPH EDWARD CPL 00-04New Iconadded 28 AUGUST 2016
  • PELOWITZ, Jack S. CAP 65-66New Iconadded 28 AUGUST 2016
  • ARVIDSON, ERIC J. CPL 13-26New Iconadded 28 AUGUST 2016
  • BRITT, JOHN CPL 69 (Narrative) (#2) <---Updated Email Address 28 AUG 2016.
  • CLARK, JONATHAN CPL 11-13New Iconadded 28 AUGUST 2016
  • BARO, EMMANUEL LCPL 01-05New Iconadded 28 AUGUST 2016
  • MITCHELL, Neal Owen CPL 70-71 (Photos) <---Added Photo Album. modified 15 AUG 2016

UPDATES for July 2016

  • More names added to the reunion attendee list. updated 24 JULY 2016
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • WALKER, DAVID L. HM-2 69New Iconadded 24 JULY 2016
  • PERRY, STEVEN GYSGT 88-92New Iconadded 24 JULY 2016
  • MITCHELL, Neal Owen CPL 70-71New Iconadded 24 JULY 2016
  • MARRONE, WAYNE S, CPL 88-93New Iconadded 24 JULY 2016
  • ZAPPA, ANTONINO LCPL 14-16New Iconadded 24 JULY 2016
  • SMITH, JUSTIN D. SGT 08-15New Iconadded 1 JULY 2016

UPDATES for June 2016

  • (link fixed 27June2016) Add the Mesothelioma Lawyer Center to the Vietnam Research page. Not only has lawyers, but can help with Patient Advocates. They might be worth a look.
  • An email from LtCol Anthony (Ret)

    "It's ironic that 3/26, Vietnam 66-70 era is also holding its' By Annual Reunion on the same date that the Purple Foxes are also holding their reunion. Ours will be held in San Diego. Too bad we couldn'thave had the reunion in the same city as several India Company, 3/26 Marines who were on 881 South during the siege of Khe Sanh will be at our Reunion. Good luck on your Reunion and thank you for your outstanding support! Many of those attending our Reunion are alive today because of the courageous support of your flight crews! Thank you!"

    "We'll toast you at our banquet on Saturday evening, 27 August."

    Semper Fidelis, Tony Anthony USMC (Ret)

  • An email we received from

    "I was medivac'd by a Purple Fox from a small valley at the base of the Que Son mountains in August 1970. The crewman, maybe corpsman, who assisted me inside the CH-46 placed a calling card in my jungle utility pocket. On the card was the Purple Fox with the HMM left of the face and 364 to the right. The arc across the top read PURPLE FOXES and the arch at the bottom read "WE GIVE A SHIT". I was wondering if anyone recalls that particular card or a patch. They delivered me directly to the USS Sanctuary in Danang harbor. Surprisingly the card was still among my property when I was discharged back to Mike 3/7. I kept that card for a very long time, but after a few moves thru the years have lost track of it."

    Ron Yow

  • Daryl Riersgard's oral history was relocated to Youtube. Link updated.
  • New entries on the Reunion attendees list. updated 11 & 26 JUNE 2016
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for May 2016

  • Oral Histories are being relocated from Vimeo to Youtube by Dave Magee and Pat Kenny. We are updating those links as they get them edited and moved over.
  • Added more names on the reunion attending list.added 15 MAY 2016
  • Added a new album for Jerry "Weasel" White. This has one picture, and documents that were submitted as jpeg images. If you have ANY more stories about Weasel, please send them along. added 15 MAY 2016
  • John Wayne Allen. I set up an new album for John, that includes all the photos we already had, plus some from Jim Reed (via Steiny's collection). Also included are images of several of the citations he received in Vietnam for his very heroic actions; these are recently submitted curteousy of his family.added 15 MAY 2016
  • Added a LOT of new names on the reunion attending list.added 2 MAY 2016
  • I uploaded several CDs/DVDs worth of images over the weekend, and am working them into the new photo galleries. Most of it is older reunion images.added 2 MAY 2016

UPDATES for April 2016

  • ALLEN, JOHN W. "JOHN WAYNE" CPL 67-69 & SGT 70-71(Photo, 13 Narratives)
  • STEADMAN, Henry W. "SWIFT SIX" LTCOL 70-71 (Photo, 4 Narratives) COMMANDING OFFICER
  • WELCH, MARK C., CAPT, 03-05
  • The wife of Maj G. Lee Radford (Ret): Marlene Suzanne Radford
  • Started an Operations and Deployments gallery, and added two pictures of the HMM-364 plaque for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
  • Concerning "John Wayne" Allen: "I want to inform all my Dad's history making, America protecting friends that he had a major bleed in his brain on January 7 2016 he is in stable condition at this time. He is in ICU at Copper Hospital in Camden N.J."
  • I still have a backlog of projects to do for the page, and tons of pictures to add as well. I am working on them, but it is difficult making time lately. Stay tuned.
  • After the update in March, I went to the couple of Facebook group pages dedicated to the Purple Foxes, and posted a note and link about the coming reunion. I also expressed that we want to see the guys that came after Vietnam at the reuion and on the roster. Whether you can make it to the reunion or not, it would be very good if you could encourage more guys to go and/or get on the roster.
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • WELCH, MARK C., CAPT, 03-05 Op Iraqi Freedom added 11 APRIL 2016
  • FLIEAR, DARIN GYSGT 99-07 & 11-16 <---Updated Roster Entry.on 8 April 2016
  • JOHNSON, HAROLD WAYNE, GYSGT, 68 New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • MATHIAS, HOWARD W., LCPL, 69 New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • CORTES, GEHY D., SGT, 02-05 New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • FAVILLO, JONATHAN, LCPL, 07-11 Facebook Icon New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • SALVIEJO, CLIFFORD L., HM2, 00-05New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • GUTCHE, BRANDYN SGT, 06-10New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • THIELMAN, JOHN THOMAS, SGT, 07-10 New Iconadded 8 April 2016
  • HENDRICKSON, JOHN SGT, 89-92, S-2 CHIEF Facebook Icon New Iconadded 8 April 2016

UPDATES for March 2016

  • It seems that some edits I made in February did not make it up to the public website.
  • All Eyes on Khe Sanh by John T. Correll, Air Force Magazine. Some time ago, Mike Tsukamoto, the Photo Editor at Air Force Magazine, asked to use one of Jim Reed's arial photos of Khe Sanh base. Jim graciously agreed. The photo used was Photo 331 from that album. Thanks to Mike for sending use the link!
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for February 2016

  • KENNEDY, BRIAN (CAPT) 2010-2013 modified 18 February 2016.
  • MARDULA, JOHN E. "MAGNET ASS" CPL 67-68 modified 18 February 2016. Passed on 15 SEPTEMBER 2013.

UPDATES for 16 - 31 January 2016

  • ELMONE, RON "FLOOP" 65-66 modified 3 February 2016. Passed in January 2016.
  • KENNEDY, BRIAN (CAPT ?) 20??-20??
  • BOOHER, RONALD L. "LEE" MGYSGT 67-68 Recent Photo Memorial Site

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for 1 - 15 January 2016

REILLEY, THOMAS 1STLT 70-71 (Photo) modified 2 January, 2016

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for 1 - 31 December 2015

GARCIA, HOWARD SGT 63-66 (Photo, 3 Narratives) TAPS modified 9 December, 2015

  • Added 2 external links to the CH-46 Tribute Page
    • One for the MCAS Cherry Point SAR Squadron.
    • One for the Smithsonian Article about the CH-46 now in the museum.
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:


took place on Aug 6-9, 2015, at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA.
After Action Report.
Warren Smith's side trip to MCRD San Diego

CH-46 Last Official USMC Flight: Tribute Page <--updated 12 September 2015
For Final Flight, send photos, stories, and other material to George Gitcho who is helping to sort and organize items before passing them on to the website. (FYI: I fixed George's email link. Thanks, Pat)

For the Reunion, please send photos and stories to the SLJNCO.

Seeking contact and/or disposition of:
Cpl Eric P. Litchfield, HMM-364 70-71 (retired as GySgt?).

Please let me know if you have any information or contact with the above persons: SLJNCO.
From time to time I get asked for information about particular persons. I will always verify with the person whose information is being asked for, if it is okay to forward their contact info on to the requesting party first.
NOTICE: This is not a guaranteed service of the site, and is only facilitated based on the freetime of the volunteer staff (of one.)

UPDATES for 1 - 31 October 2015

EMAIL: This email was really nice to receive, so I felt I should share it. It is for all the PF Vietnam Vets.

"This is the time of year that Viet Nam begins to fill a lot of my thoughts. Lost a few good friends from now until the end of the year. I also vividly recall Thanksgiving Day in 1970 when we were up on Hill 510 and the Purple Foxes flew in hot Thanksgiving meals with purple dyed ice cream! I have never had a Thanksgiving since that day that I don't recall the Purple Foxes and their purple ice cream.

It still remains the best Thanksgiving meal I have ever had!!

Belated warm thanks to the Foxes.
Regards - Frank Roemer"

return to Jan 2016 if you came from there...
Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
  • PAYNE, COURTNEY B. 1STLT 68-69 (Photo 13 Narratives) Narratives updated 21 SEP 2015
  • DEWEY, DENNIS PAUL, SGT, 2011-PRESENTadded 21 October 2015
  • BIXLER, JAMES A. 'TOP BIX' MGYSGT <---Added Email Addressmodified 21 October 2015
  • HARVEY, GEORGE LEE SGT 69added 21 October 2015
  • Frank, Don Carlos LCpl - Rifleman, I/3/26 Hill 881S Roster added 21 SEP 15
  • BELFANTI Jr, ROBERT E, SGT 68-69added 21 October 2015
  • GRAHAM, MICHAEL ALAN, GySgt 07-09 Facebook icon added 21 October 2015
  • DODD, MATTHEW CPL 97-04added 21 October 2015

    NOTES from the SLJNCO:
  • 21 October 2015
    • Okay, I am back from Guard Duty, and I apologize for my absence and lack of attention to the website over the past weeks. Personal and professional obligations were a bit overbearing recently.
    • Today's updates were mostly a bit cosmetic for the home page, and adding Marines to the roster.

UPDATES for 16 - 30 September 2015

It has been a busy and trying half month. But, things should be back to normal shortly. -Dave H.

UPDATES for 1 - 15 September 2015

For those in Southern California including active Marines:
The City of Tustin is a co-sponsor for the Orange County Stand Down and Veteran Resource Expo. It will be held inside the large blimp hangers in Tustin use by Marine Helicopter Squadrons for many years. It is to be held on Oct.22-25th. The contract for additional information is Brooke Edwards Stagg, 714-796-7963,
For those that have served at this location or have always wanted to have a look inside, this would be a good opportunity.
Warren Smith

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

  • CARTER, MICHAEL JOHN, SGT 00-04added 12 September 2015
  • HILL, TOMMY RAY, PFC 65added 12 September 2015


  • Put in new header section and lined up elements a bit better. Saves space using CSS.

  • Added a link on our Final Flight tribute page to George Gitcho's Replay. Nicely done, George!

  • Finally settled on an initial design for our tribute page to the final CH-46 flight ceremony. It can be found HERE. There is a LOT more material to add to it, so this is just a start.
  • Started design work on a page for the LTS2RVN reunion. It will probably look very similar to the Final Flight page.
  • Working on design work for the main index page as well. I am trying to keep it close-ish to the look it had when I took over, but bring it more up to code with the latest web page standards.
  • Along with the main index, I am also planning to tackle a code update for the Roster pages as well.

UPDATES for 16 - 31 August 2015

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:


UPDATES for 1 - 15 August 2015

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
WARD, MICHAEL SGT 88-93 new iconadded 9 August 2015
GOERING, TIM CAPT 93-95 new icon LinkedIn Acct Personal Website new iconadded 9 August 2015
DAMON, MICHAEL CPL 90-94 new icon added 8 August 2015 <---Added Email Address 9 August 2015.
CAISSE, RICK SGTMAJ 08-09 <---Updated Email Address. modified 8 August 2015
DARR, ROBERT TED CPL 92-94 new iconupdated 8 August 2015
CARDONA, MARK CPL 92-96 new iconadded 8 August 2015
OSBURN, WILLIAM, CPL 90-94 new iconadded 8 August 2015
STEEVES, PAUL S., 01-05 new icon LinkedIn Acct new iconadded 2 August 2015
DEEL, JOSHUA CPL 13-16new icon added 2 August 2015
MACKIN, JONATHAN CAPT 03-06new icon added 2 August 2015


    Edits to reunion information, and attendee list. added 3 August 2015

UPDATES for 16 - 31 July 2015

OLIVER, ROGER CPL 2003. (photo)

HANGAR TOUR at LTA during the 2015 reunion!!
On FRIDAY, 7 AUGUST there will be a tour of the South hangar only.
(it's August: hot. No water; bring your own. NO working restrooms in the hangar.)

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

NOTES: Edits to reunion information, and attendee list.
Added a link to the article: The Phabulous Life of the Phrog
Major disk lost on the site's editing system: website files are safe.

UPDATES for 1 - 15 July 2015

LACY, FRED MAJ 68-69, passed on 28 June 2015, in Suffolk, VA.

CORRECTION: I have been informed that this is NOT the aircraft being inducted into the National Air & Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center. Either way we can honor the actual aircraft we flew in and/or worked on while we served as Purple Foxes with these photo albums of specific aircraft. If you have pictures of any model aircraft that was assigned to the squadron, that can be specifically identified, please send them. aircraft BUNO 153989. This is a special section for photos highlighting specific, identifyable aircraft. (Link corrected 5 July)

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
REINECKE, RICHARD C. LT COL 98-99new icon added 4 July 2015
KEHOE, DAVID F. SGT 69-70 <---Added Email Address. modified 4 July 2015
RUSSELL, JAMES ROBERT LCPL 13-15new icon added 4 July 2015

UPDATES for 16 - 30 June 2015

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
MUSCHETTE, JAMES JR. 2NDLT 69 TAPS modified 27 June 2015
LINKOUS, JERRY L. - Sgt. 65-66 TAPS (Photo) (Photo) modified 27 June 2015
JOHNSON, DALE L. SGT 69-70 (Narrative)<---Updated Email Address. modified 20 June 2015
ANDERSON, BOBBIE G. SSGT 70-71 added 20 June 2015
WISTRAND, STEPHEN M."STEVE" 1STLT 69-70 (4 Narratives) <---Updated Email Address. modified 20 June 2015

UPDATES for 1 - 15 June 2015

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
CARSON, EMMETT L. JR. CAPT 67-68 (4, Narratives)<---Updated Email Address. modified 7 June 2015
TURLEY, SHAINA M. CAPT 14-PRESENTnew icon added 6 June 2015
SCHWARZ, WILLIAM O. "BILL" CAPT 69-70 <---Updated Email Address. modified 6 June 2015
ROSSI, DANNY P. CPL 69new icon added 6 June 2015
LYONS, LUKE KENT JR. CPL 13-14new icon added 6 June 2015
JOHNSON, JAMES E. JR. GYSGT 98-90new icon added 6 June 2015
CHRETIEN, DONALD R. 1STLT 70 (Narrative)<--Linked Narrative modified 6 June 2015
BISHOP, BRETT N. CAPT 13-15new icon added 6 June 2015

UPDATES for 16 - 31 May 2015

Taken by my wife last Sunday, 17 May, in parking lot in Fredericksburg Va.
Don't know of any local foxes. Someone said that Digger Burns lives nearby,
but not sure if that's up to date info. Pls post on site to see if someone
can elaborate.
Bill Schwarz, '69--70

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
WIGLESWORTH, CARL LEE CPL 95-99new icon added 25 May 2015
BAYCROFT, MATT LCPL 88-90new icon added 25 May 2015
MORDHORST, JORDAN SGT 02-04new icon added 25 May 2015
CHRETIEN, DONALD R. 1STLT 70new icon added 25 May 2015
LAMCZYK, MARK A CAPT 91-95 new icon(BIO) added 25 May 2015

UPDATES for 1 - 15 May 2015

Marines, Guests, and Confirmations added to the Reunion list. 3 May 2015
Marines, Guests, and Confirmations added to the Reunion list. 13 May 2015

MAJOR update to the CH-46 Retirement Ceremony. See the link above.

Emails and Notes sent to ALL of us in care of the website:

Does anyone have contact information for Donald R. Chretien? He was in squadron in 70/71.
I liked your essay on this magnificent machine. I love history. Especially Aircraft History.
Well done. Thank you for you service for the U.S of America... All of you...
Sent from James K. McDonald

Additional information added to Floyd Anderson's TAPS page.

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
AYCOCK, PHILLIP E. SGT 90-93new icon
GAEDE, MARC CPL 67 (Photo)new icon <---Added a photo.
BACKOVSKY, JOHN R CPL 69-70new icon
RECTOR, KEVIN M CAPT 08-13new icon
LOEBS, TERRY R. SGT 67-69new icon

UPDATES for 16 - 30 April 2015

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
IBACH, RICHARD R. LCPL 65-66 (Photo) (Narrative) New Email Address

UPDATES for 1 - 15 April 2015

Marines, Guests, and Confirmations added to the Reunion list. 11 April 2015
Marines, Guests, and Confirmations added to the Reunion list. 19 April 2015

ANDERSON, FLOYD L. CPL 65-66 TAPS Noticed removed from index on 19 April 2015.

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for 16 - 31 March 2015

Added a new OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for the Phrog Farewell: Official Announcementt)

1944 - 2015 - JIVIDEN, LARRY B. "COIL" 1STLT 68-69 (Photo, 4 Narratives) TAPS Notice

Marines, Guests, and Confirmations added to the Reunion list. 30 March 2015

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:
HOTALING, DAVID L CPL 11-12 new icon new icon LinkedIn Acct Rallypoint Acct
OLIVE, BENNIS CPL 98-99 new icon new icon
EGAN, BRIAN E, HM2 06-07new icon
PARTON, GEORGE CPL 61-62new icon

UPDATES for 1 - 15 March 2015

If you own the originals of any of our pictures of Col Donovan, please contact the SLJNCO.

Marines and Guests added to the Reunion list. 1 March 2015
Marines and Guests added to the Reunion list. 11 March 2015

UPDATES for 16 - 28 February 2015

Added links to Recruit Graduation schedules under the reunion info.

A few more Marines and Guests added to the Reunion list, with more confirmations.

Roster additions, corrections, and changes:

UPDATES for 1 - 15 February 2015

Added LtCol G.H. Keating (Feb 1995 - Jun 1996) to the CO's list. I got this info via email on from SgtMaj G. Turnbeau who served with the Squadron during that time.

Finally added an update to the history page about the redesignation from HMM-364 to VMM-364, and the change of command from LtCol Field to LtCol Kopacz.

FYI: we own the site URL of, so going to that site will lead you right us.

Announced that we will be taking reunion sign up forms from other units and squadrons besides just HMM/VMM-364. Updated the Reunion form and signed-up list to include the Unit that Marine will be representing.

Roster Additions and corrections:
TURNBEAU, GARY SGTMAJ 95-96 new icon FB icon LinkedIn Acct Added on 7 Feb '15.

UPDATES for 16 - 31 January 2015

Added new VMM-364 Swifty patches to the collections of patches, and put one of them on the main page.

Roster Additions and corrections:
GUMATAOTAO, EULOGIO P. "GUMIE" CPL 68-69 (Narrative)(#2)new iconNew Email Address
PIERSON, JOHN H. JR. "GOOFY" 1STLT 65-66new iconNew Email Address
DePEW, THOMAS C. CPL 13-15 (Current)new icon
RHODES, JUSTIN A. CPL 02-06new icon
GONZALEZ, VIDAL CPL 13-15new icon
PROMISE, ANTONY L. "Black Phrog" CPL 11-13new icon

UPDATES for 1 - 15 January 2015

Roster Additions and corrections:

UPDATES for 14 - 31 December 2014

Roster Additions and corrections:
LINTON, ROBERT LCpl 12-13new icon

Hill 881s Roster:
Gonzalez, Luis Duran LCpl. Rifleman, UNIT??

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