Cpl. Thomas C. "Tommy" Smith

Jackie Smith has just informed your webmaster of the death of her husband "Tommy" on November 18, 2000.  Tommy served with the "Purple Foxes" during the '70 - '71 time frame as a mechanic and crew chief.  Your webmaster recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Tommy and Jackie in Dallas, Georgia to gain additional historical information about your squadron.

Tommy had been ill for several months and had recently been granted 100% disability for Hepatitis "C" which the Veterans Administration contributed to "combat blood exposure" in Vietnam.  Tommy died while being treated for this disease at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia.

Jackie informs us that the Marine Corps still "Takes Care Of It's Own" by providing a beautiful military funeral consisting of 12 Marines and 1 individual from the Navy, all of which were current air crew members stationed at NAS Atlanta.

You may express your feelings of loss and condolence by writing to Jackie.  Her address is:

Jackie Smith
1198 Old Villa Rica Road
Dallas, GA 30158

Or by email at:


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