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Page - 01   Sgt Dave Overstreet, Sgt. Jerry Thomas, 2ndLt. Ennis Phillips,
  Sgt. Carl Mullen, LCpl. Jerry Kniffen.
Page - 02

  Cpl. Roy O. Adams, Cpl. Charlie Bassett, Capt. Ken Evans,
  Sgt. John Beeman,Capt. Jim Smith.

Page - 03   Cpl. Ned Dautriel, LCpl. George Dabrowski, Cpl. Randal Young
  Cpl. J.C.Taylor, Phillip Hemming
Page - 04   1STLT. Daryl Riersgard, Sgt. Bob Steinberg, Sgt. Rod Yoakam, Maj. Mike Needham,
Maj. Al Chancy
Page - 05  LCpl Art Slagle, Cpl Mike Skertich, Capt Don Herr, 1stLt Steve "Herbie" Erb, Lt Clayton "Doc" Linkous
Page - 06  1stLt Doug Orahood, Sgt Tom Peevers, 1stLT Ed Moore, LCpl Larry Mackey, Sgt Barney Espinoza.
Page - 07  Col John LaVoy, Cpl Ed Wilke, Cpl Terri Dunkle, GySgt George Ward, Maj Duane Jensen.
Page - 08  The Fireside Chat: Dave Magee and Pat Kenny, CWO-3 Dennis McKee, Cpl Warren Smith, Sgt Mark Jeske, Cpl Ed Jolly.
Page - 09  Jim Hall, Dave Magee, and Pat Kenny.


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