1stLt. Robert W. Armenio
KIA 07-27-69


12-17-68 - Strike to South Bank of the Hoi An River

12-17-68 - Single Mission Air Medal

02-12-69 - Copilot for Lt. John L. Brennan's Silver Star

02-12-69 - Distinguished Flying Cross

03-17-69 - St. Patrick's Day at Marble Mountain

06-08-69 - 2nd Distinguished Flying Cross

07-27-69 - 3rd Distinguished Flying Cross

07-27-69 - YK-10 Shot Down on MEDEVAC Mission

Origin of Photo

Bob and I went to PLC(A) 10 week course during the summer of 1966.  Back then we got one weekend off and a bunch of us went up to Washington D.C. Curiously enough we stayed at the Howard Johnson right across the street from the Watergate Hotel.

Some of his relations came down from New York. There were either 3 or 4 girls all our age.  We went out on the town and had a real good time.  I can remember how close a family he had and what an emotional blow of his death must have been.

As you can see we did some site seeing and I took this picture with the Washington Monument in the background.

I later found out he graduated early from college and arrived in Pensacola about 5 months before I did.  He was out at Whiting when I arrived in Pensacola.  I only saw him a few times during flight training and I didn't see him again until I arrived in HMM-364.  He was one of the more senior pilots when I got in the squadron.  I think I only flew with him once or twice
before he died.

Photo by:
      David Bjork, former 1stLt USMCR

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