Roger E. Combs
22 February 1945 - 22 August 2018
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Roger joined the United States Marine Corps in 1968. Roger graduated with honors from the USMC Basic Officer Infantry School and was selected for the US Army Rotary Wing Flight School in Texas. He served a tour as a Ch-46 helicopter pilot from 1969-1970, flying over 500 combat missions with his squadron “the Purple Foxes.”

Roger served over 39 years in the United States military and achieved numerous commendations including the Legion of Merit and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He ultimately retired as Director of Strategic Plans and Policy (J-5) for the National Guard Bureau in Washington D.C. with the rank of Major General in 2007.

01-04-70 - Copilot for Lt. Harold B. Lamb's DFC

03-30-70 - Copilot for Lt. Benjamin L. Williams' 3rd DFC

03-30-70 - Sea Tiger Article Relative to Above Mission


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