Phrog Flyover for Mike Clausen

HMM 774 out of Norfolk will provide four CH 46s for the flyover at Mike Clausen’s funeral.  Their final maneuver will be to execute the missing man formation.  Maj Ike Ryan is coordinating the event from the squadron side, and I’m serving as the point of contact on behalf of the Clausen family.  Maj Ryan will provide a Marine with a handheld radio (must be the “new and improved” PRC 25!) at the burial site to call in the birds at the proper time – so the fly over right after Taps.

These Marines are flying a 8+ hour hop to get to Louisiana, so let’s be sure to thank them for their efforts.

This should be quite a farewell for our buddy Mike.  With Mike sitting up there next to Sky 6, don’t you know the two of them will be
grinning like they stole something!

Semper Fi,

Rick Lottie

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