Sgt. H. Dean  "Kahuna" Cohoon

Yesterday, April 11, 2002 at 4:45 pm Dean lost his battle with Leukemia.  He was surrounded by friends and family.  He fought hard for a year and had several good months before he relapsed in February.  He beat the leukemia twice but never began producing white blood cells to fight infections and the anti-biotics could not do it alone.

I know he loved all of you.  You were his brothers and understood a part of his life the rest of us will never understand.  I met him at a Saint Patrick's Day bash after he came home from Nam in 1969.  He told he me couldn't dance very well because he had just come home and wasn't used to wearing shoes, only boots.  Over 30 years later he still could not dance.  He was a great guy, a good husband and a fine father.  Always a Marine.

Dean requested no funeral so there will be no funeral.  However we will have a celebrating of his life when out daughter, Jennifer, can be here in May.  She was here in March during spring break from law school and they had a great visit.

Well, I appear to be babbling so I will stop.

Bev Cohoon

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