Capt. Daniel I. "DI" Mann


Papa Fox (Colonel Eugene R. Brady) recently inquired of me the whereabouts of Capt. Daniel I. Mann who retired approximately 1976 and had resided near Nashville, TN.  Since I will do anything for Gene Brady, and noting some Christmas Cards had not been returned in some years, I started calling some old friends about "DI" and his status.  Sadly, he had suffered a heart attack and died on his farm in Tennessee after coming in from the fields and not feeling well.
Daniel Mann was a Marine's Marine.  He was a former Drill Instructor and was commissioned (with me) in 1966 and became an outstanding Aircraft Maintenance Officer.  He was assigned to HMM-364 in the spring of 1969 and was Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer under Major Bob Schreiber.  He was most helpful in stealing all the special (gear belonging to other than 364) equipment for the Recovery Team and hounding the Navy Supply people for spare parts.  He was a team player, gentleman, great friend and a true Purple Fox.  We have a photo next to his name on our roster that I took.
Oh, by the way.....his morning greeting to all the troops as they walked to the hangar long before daybreak or the first launch was GOOD MORNING MARINE!  No one could say it like "DI" Mann.

Submitted by:
    Courtney B. Payne, Major, USMC (Ret)

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