Uncle Frank:

Do you remember "Nick Psaropoulos".  He was at the reunion at Miramar O'club dinner in 2000, when you guys invited about 20 of us active duty folks.   We talked a lot back then and I found out he only lives about 5 miles from my time share.  I have visited him each time my wife and I go to our time share up in Avila Beach.  He lived at 141 Paddock Av, Shell Beach CA 93449.

He has passed on.  Called him last week from our time share and got a disconnected recording.  Drove to his house, for sale sign up, house empty!  Called the real estate agent, she said he died about 6 weeks ago.  He was a crash fire rescue NCO with MABS-16 and flew missions with you guys on his time off.

He retired from the Corps and worked as a fireman for Disneyland for 20 years.  He and his wife then moved to Shell Beach.  She passed on a few years ago, don't know anything more.

John A. "Bix" Bixler
MGySgt.    USMC

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