Hill 881S - Page 7
26 December 1967 - 18 April 1968
Cpl Mannion, who also served on Hill 881S, snapped this Marine shoulder firing an M-60 to provide suppressive fire for the CH-46 inbound to Hill 861.  This photo also has the patina of an antique.
Photo by, Cpl. Dennis Mannion 
A 500lb bomb at 500 meters from Dennis Mannion's bunker which is in the foreground of this photo.  Hill 881S is visible top right in the distance.  For images of Hill 861 taken 34 years later, click here.
Photo by, Cpl. Dennis Mannion 
Sgt. Glenn E. Prentice served at the Khe Sanh Combat Base (KSCB) before being attached to India Company on Hill 881S as an artillery Forward Observer.  This photograph was taken at KSCB.
Photo by, Sgt. Glenn Earl Prentice 
My most prized possession was stolen.   When word got out of what it meant to me it was returned.  Wonder how many guys still have theirs?
Photo by, Sgt. John A. Ortiz 
From left, my Plt. Sgt., Daniel G. Jessup and Cpl. Robert A. Wiedeman who was my fire team leader and also from my home town of Oneonta, NY.  On 25 Feb '68 mortar landed in our trench, Cpl. Wiedeman and Pfc. Szymanski were killed, Sgt. Jessup, Ken Heinz , another Marine and I were wounded.
Photo by, LCpl. Michael Hassick 

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