The Warriors of Hill 881S

They Were Awarded the Presidential Unit Citation
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26 December 1967 - 17 April 1968

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Items of Interest
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Roster Revisions

Email from Dave Powell - His photo in an NVA museum!

Dave Anderson added additional description to a Dave Powell photo.

Hill 881S Oral history project

Eulogy and Photos of Col. Dabney's Memorial Service

Dave Powell's Photo in Pentagon

Artist's Rendition of Dave Powell's Photos

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Table of Contents

Roster of Hill 881S Warriors 12/26/67 to 4/17/68
(Revised 19 MAY 2017)

Recent Roster Revisions
(Revised 19 MAY 2017)

Known Personal Decorations
(Revised 02-13-13)

-Prelude to the Siege of Khe Sanh

India Six Actual Describes Hill 881S
and the 'Supergaggle'

'Supergaggle' Sustains Khe Sanh's Battered Outposts

The Rewards and Perils of Helicopter Support

David L. Powell our UPI Reporter/Photographer
(Revised 3-25-14)

Hill 881S Photograph Album
(Revised 7-29-12)

The Wisdom of the Infantryman

The CO's Courier

The "Body Count" Game

Two Simultaneous Wars

HMM-364 Supported and Remembers Hill 881S

Short But Vivid Memories of Hill 881S

Tributes to the Warriors of Hill 881S

Warriors of Hill 881S Today

The Next Stop is Saigon

Memories and Musings of William H. Dabney
About the Defense of Hill 881S

Reunion, 38 Years Later


Third Reconnaissance Battalion

Khe Sanh Veterans Association

3/26th Marines

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UH-34 Dog; by Mike Leahy
Squadron Patch
CH-46 Phrog, by Mike Leahy

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