Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan, Vietnam Class of 68-69
Appointed to Illinois Veterans Advisory Council

JESSE WHITE - Secretary of State

September 12, 2003

Mr. J. Patrick Donovan, Esq.
City of Chicago, Department of Law
30 North LaSalle Street. 9th floor
Chicago, Illinois 60602

Dear Mr. Donovan,

This letter will serve to confirm your appointment by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to his Illinois Veterans Advisory Council.

The inaugural meeting of the Council is scheduled for Wednesday, November 12, 2003 in the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago.  Details will be provided in a future mailing.

Mr. Donovan, you have the deepest gratitude of the Secretary for joining him in this historic and important endeavor of voluntary service to the people of Illinois.


/s/ Mary Ann Scanlan,

Mary Ann Scanlan, Administrator
Citizens Advisory Boards

cc: Secretary White


100 W. Randolph Street
James R. Thompson Center
(312) 814-2262

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