1stLt. Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan

01-24-69 - Jan. 24, 1969 Shoot Down of YK-22

02-22-69 - Pat Donovan's Navy Cross (Purple Heart Also)

03-17-69 - St. Patrick's Day at Marble Mountain

03-17-69 - Pat Donovan's Distinguished Flying Cross

04-21-69 - Pat Donovan's 2nd Navy Cross

04-28-69 - Pat Donovan's 2nd Distinguished Flying Cross

05-09-69 - Pat Donovan's Silver Star Medal

05-09-69 - Marine Corps Gazette Article of May 2003

07-24-70 - Receives 1970 Frederick L. Feinberg Award

1stLt. Joseph P. Donovan also received 35 Air Medals

05-27-02 - Chicago's Memorial Day Parade

09-12-02 - Great Lakes NTC Graduation

09-12-03 - Appointed to Illinois Veterans Advisory Council

11-10-03 - Donovan's Birthday Message to HMM-364

12-31-04 - 2ndLt. Eileen C. Donovan, an Officer of Marines

02-10-05 - Purple Fox Becomes a Federal Judge

04-30-05 - One Moment of Respect Speech

07-27-07 - Eileen Donovan's Wings of Gold

04-25-09 - Joseph P. Donovan Becomes "Golden Eagle"

09-11-09 - Pat Donovan's Chicago Law Bulletin Article

01-19-12 - Judge Donovan becomes Chief Administrative Law Judge (HCCALJ)

Pat Donovan without doubt received more decorations ( in regard to precedence level), as a Purple Fox, than any other Marine who served with HMM-364.   Not only that, Pat is probably one of (if not) the most decorated (precedence level) combat Marine pilot to come from the Vietnam era. While few Marines (air/ground) were recognized for their acts of individual heroism with the award of the CMH, the Navy Cross, the Silver Star or the DFC, Pat's multiple awards for his numerous act of heroism, taken in totality, is absolutely historic and should be recognized as such."

Charles J. "Chic" Schoener
Colonel           USMC (Ret.)

Pat Donovan's Humble Answer to Colonel Schoener's Remarks

I accept and hold in trust the praise of my Squadron mates and those Marines whom we helped while under night attack in the mountains north of the Nam O Bridge in Quang Nam (Feb 22), under attack in an open rice paddy northwest of Liberty Bridge in Quang Nam (April 21), engaged in combat with a large North Vietnamese Army force near the village of My Hiep (3) (May 9), under mortar attack on the island near Hoi An (Mar 17), and the lone Lt. with red hair who led the attack off our ramp into a fire fight, the same one we came back for, re-entered the zone and grabbed out of the fire fight near An Hoa (April 28).

By my count on every mission we were a team of pilot, copilot, crew chief, two gunners at each .50 cal, and the Navy Medic, or in the case of Doc Linkous, a Navy Doctor on board, not to overlook the maintenance crew that constantly went without rest to keep the aircraft "up".  We were and are a Marine Air-Ground team linked by oath and blood to those on the ground we serve.  We all achieved the missions and we all respect the memory of our Squadron mates and Marines on board who paid for the lives of their fellow Marines with their own.

And we all did this under the guidance and inspiration of a gentleman named Gene, whom we roast in song and toast in admiration.

All the best to all Purple Foxes and those we serve.

Semper Fi,