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Last Revised: 1 April 2015

If you served with HMM-364 and/or VMM-364 anytime between 1 September 1961 and
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Scuttlebutt: News, Updates, & Special Annoucements.
Updated: 30 March 2015

If you own the originals of any of our pictures of Col Donovan, please contact the SLJNCO.

Aug 6-9, 2015!

Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA.
The online Registration form is HERE. And, the Attendance List is HERE.
(There is a HARD cut-off date of July 7th for rooms at the QM. Don't wait.)
(The Queen Mary phone number has been updated to a direct number: 877-342-0742
They have also added 10 Deluxe King Harbor Rooms for the rate of $159 plus tax.)

Check your mail boxes if you have attended a reunion in the last two years for a hard copy registration form.
(Revised 30 March 2015)

While you are at the reunion, maybe you have time to check out a Recruit Graduation at San Diego MCRD. You can check their schedule at this link: San Diego MCRD Graduation Schedule.

(In the interest of fairness: Parris Island MCRD Graduation Schedule.)

Last Flight: A Retirement Ceremony for the CH-46 Program
Saturday, 1 Aug 2015.
(Information Updated 30 March 2015 - Official Announcement)
Aircraft 153369 will fly-in to the National Air & Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles airport. 153369 has a storied history with HMM-364, having been with the squadron in Vietnam and Iraq. There will also be an evening social event the night prior, Friday 31 July at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA.
This is a HQMC even, so feel free to spread the work to others who have flown the "Phrog."
Special details to follow when received. The Official Announcement)

page with
contact and hotel information should you wish to attend.

The Month of April in Your
Squadron's History

Squadron History(1),
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Squadron History(2)
As told by the Purple Foxes

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All Gave Some  . . 
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Memorial Monument and

Purple Fox Section

Taps, Deceased Since 
Returning From Vietnam

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The "Purple Foxes"
Squadron Roster

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Recent  Roster Revisions
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The Warriors of Hill 881S
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Awards For Valor
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I Remember, Short Vivid 
Memories of Vietnam
Cruise Books, Extracts
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Squadron Lineage
Squadron Honors
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"Foxes" Today,
Items of Interest.

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Recorded  Ditties
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Oral Histories
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Our Magnificent Crew Chiefs
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Reunion Updates
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Dedicated to those Marines, and others, who served with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 during their time in the Corps.   This site represents the collective efforts of all former members of HMM-364 who believe their history, and the part they played in conducting aerial support missions should be preserved.   In some cases the "PURPLE FOXES" relate, with appropriate reverence and respect, incidents relative to their counterparts who did not "come home alive".  All who view this historical account of HMM-364 should appreciate that a complete history of our squadron must contain information relative to all of our former Marines and Navy Corpsman.

Further, it should be noted that HMM-364's illustrious legacy should not appear to diminish the contributions of our other 'Marine Brothers,' be they aviation, ground or support units.  There existed at these times in our Marine Corps a great deal of mutual respect among all Marines who endured the experience of war.  Therefore, where possible, credit will be given to individuals and units which were associated with developing this  historical account of the "Purple Foxes" to cultivate and promote the same Esprit De Corps which existed then and today.

Contributions to this site are respectfully requested which might cover, but not limited to, subjects such as those listed in the 'Table of Contents' above and, we encourage submissions from those Marines we supported.

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